Wednesday, July 3

Bottoms Up Buttercup - With a Mulberry Paloma!

It's been a while!
While I'm working on some really great and big news, (Of course, none of which I can share just yet.) I've tapped back into my bartending days.
Yes, a long long time ago, I used to sling some drinks.

This weekend happens to be a 4 day weekend, thanks to Independence Day falling on a Thursday.  My bosses at the 9 to 5 were nice enough to let us enjoy the long weekend!

Each Friday, I've been mixing up a cocktail to celebrate the weekend.
I decide to celebrate the weekend early since "Friday" showed up on Wednesday!

With summer, comes summer cocktails.
This summer so far I've been mixing up variations of a Mexican favorite called a Paloma.
Paloma is spanish for dove.  How this relates to the drink, I'm not sure but it's a fun fact.

It's one of the most popular drinks in Mexico.
I can see why with how easy it is to make.

What you'll need!

12 oz Highball Glass
Small handful of Mulberries (or as many or few as you would like)
1 to 2 oz of Orange Juice
2 oz Hornitos Represado Tequila.
A Spoon
A Straw

Step 1

Place Ice in Highball Glass.

Step 2

Add handful of Mulberries.

Step 3

Add 2 oz of Represado Tequila.

Step 4

Add Orange Juice.

Step 5

Top with Squirt.

Step 6

Take the spoon and gently smush Mulberries against the side of the glass.
Gives it the pinky color at the top and releases the Mulberry flavor.
Also, slightly mixes the drink for you.

Step 7

Insert Straw and Enjoy!
Bottoms up Buttercup.

Flavor profile - sparkling sweet berries and citrus with touch of earthiness.
What does that mean?  Sparkling - Squirt
Sweet Berries - Mulberries
Citrus - Squirt and Orange Juice
Earthiness - Represado Tequila

Keep an eye out for more recipes and other things coming along on the blog.

OH and Happy Independence Day!