Wednesday, February 13

Valentines for Secondhand Hounds

It's the day before Valentine's and you want something you can give out and support a great cause.  
No need to fret, I've got a solution for you.  You can get these Valentine's to print and give - AND Support Secondhand Hounds. 

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I'll email you a PDF or JPG of the Valentines you choose set to print on your home printer.
Or, take them to your local printer, Kinko's or what have you and have them printed. 
Once Printed, simply cut in to fourths. VoilĂ ! Valentines!

Corgi Valentine
Maker of Rad
Doxie Valentine

Woof You Be My Valentine?
Love At First Sight

Cold Nose - Wet Kisses - Warm Heart
Be My Furry Valentine?

I have had the opportunity to team up with Secondhand Hounds for a few different projects from Posters to Fliers to Featured Fosters.

Most recently, I designed a collection of Valentines for them to hand out at various events around Valentine's Day.

The first event is on Wednesday, Feb 13th at Whole Foods Market.  5% of your total groceries will go toward Secondhand Hounds. Whole Foods is open 8 AM to 10 PM.  Secondhand Hound Volunteers and Dogs available for adoption will be on site from 11 AM to 7 PM.  Including a Puppy Kissing Booth.

 The second event is an adoption event on Sunday, Feb 17th at Bark & Bathe in Robbinsdale.  Go meet some great pups and cats and maybe find yourself a forever furry friend.  Otherwise, you can just celebrate Bark & Bathe's Grand Opening Week and meet some of the great people involved with Secondhand Hounds.

If you can't make it out the 5% day at Whole Foods in Minnetonka, please consider donating as well.


Maker of Rad

*If you would like your own animal featured in the Valentine, please email me a high resolution (300 dpi) photo that you would like to use. 

Valentines Printed are 4.25" x 5.5"

All Photos are property of the photographer specified.  Designs © Maker of Rad Design + Illustration 2013

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