Thursday, November 28


This week we give thanks to the food in front of us, the people around us and the love between us.

I want to say thank you to you...whoever you are!

Saturday, October 26

Howliday Cards

While we're not even to Halloween or Thanksgiving, many people are already planning for Christmas and the winter holiday season.

I've teamed up with Karin Newstrom Photography to design some holiday photo cards for her Holiday Mini Sessions.  She's donating part of the session fee to Secondhand Hounds.
This is a great opportunity to get professional photos at a discounted rate while helping out animals in need.
Sessions are limited.  More info on the sessions at Karin Newstrom Photography.

Wednesday, July 3

Bottoms Up Buttercup - With a Mulberry Paloma!

It's been a while!
While I'm working on some really great and big news, (Of course, none of which I can share just yet.) I've tapped back into my bartending days.
Yes, a long long time ago, I used to sling some drinks.

This weekend happens to be a 4 day weekend, thanks to Independence Day falling on a Thursday.  My bosses at the 9 to 5 were nice enough to let us enjoy the long weekend!

Each Friday, I've been mixing up a cocktail to celebrate the weekend.
I decide to celebrate the weekend early since "Friday" showed up on Wednesday!

With summer, comes summer cocktails.
This summer so far I've been mixing up variations of a Mexican favorite called a Paloma.
Paloma is spanish for dove.  How this relates to the drink, I'm not sure but it's a fun fact.

It's one of the most popular drinks in Mexico.
I can see why with how easy it is to make.

What you'll need!

12 oz Highball Glass
Small handful of Mulberries (or as many or few as you would like)
1 to 2 oz of Orange Juice
2 oz Hornitos Represado Tequila.
A Spoon
A Straw

Step 1

Place Ice in Highball Glass.

Step 2

Add handful of Mulberries.

Step 3

Add 2 oz of Represado Tequila.

Step 4

Add Orange Juice.

Step 5

Top with Squirt.

Step 6

Take the spoon and gently smush Mulberries against the side of the glass.
Gives it the pinky color at the top and releases the Mulberry flavor.
Also, slightly mixes the drink for you.

Step 7

Insert Straw and Enjoy!
Bottoms up Buttercup.

Flavor profile - sparkling sweet berries and citrus with touch of earthiness.
What does that mean?  Sparkling - Squirt
Sweet Berries - Mulberries
Citrus - Squirt and Orange Juice
Earthiness - Represado Tequila

Keep an eye out for more recipes and other things coming along on the blog.

OH and Happy Independence Day!  

Sunday, May 12


Happy Mother's Day from Maker of Rad.
I was pleasantly surprised with donuts and a card from my two furchilren this morning.
They walked themselves up to the Baker's Wife with dollars in their collars.

OK, maybe not.  But, it's cute to think they did.

I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without all the wonderful women and mothers in my life.
I couldn't have asked for more loving, caring, amazing women like my Mom, Grandma and Aunties.
Thank you for the love and joy you've shared. The shoulders you've been to cry on.  The examples of what real women are.
I can't thank you enough.

Love always!


Tuesday, May 7


This last weekend was the No Kill Walk for Animals at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.

A fellow rescue friend asked me to whip up something for her team, Show Me Your Pitties.
She rescued a little (not so little now) Blue Nose Pittie named Butters
He'll steal your heart!
I turned Mr. Butters into a silouhette and added some hand lettering.  We even did a doggie hoodie.

The shirts and doggie hoodies went over so well at the walk that we're doing another run! Including Human Hoodies.
Now you can get your's too over at the Maker of Rad Store.  These are Pre-Order and Limited Edition.
After the Pre-Order is closed, there will be VERY few available.

 Doggie Hoodies are available too!  Same design as above minus the No Kill Walk 2013.

All proceeds go to a rescue supporting bullies!
If you have a specific rescue you would like to see yours go to, enter the specific rescue in the note to seller when checking out.


Friday, April 26

Secondhand Hounds 4th Annual Silent Auction

Facebook Cover Photo
Quarter Sheet Handout
11 x 17 Poster

Come join me at Secondhand Hounds' annual silent action.  Good times, Great Cause. 
Visit for more info.


Wednesday, April 3


I've reopened the Pre-Order for a Second Round. That means more help for animals!
If you didn't get yours the first time, now is the time to go get one! Justice for Tippy T

The First Round of Pre-Order shirts proceeds were donated to help Franco, a pocket blue nose pit that was being punted down the street like a football by a group of teenagers.
On top of that, he was diagnosed with Parvo shortly after.
He's now healing in a foster home through Secondhand Hounds.
You can follow his story via his Facebook page,

Wednesday, March 6

Justice for Tippy

Tippy came into Secondhand Hounds Rescue after he was beaten with a baseball bat by his former owner. His former owner is now starting the criminal trial phase for his actions.

I was approached by Lori, a multi-animal rescue volunteer and awesome animal foster mom, about helping create a shirt that they could wear in court. It couldn't have any words. They wanted something simple and to stand out. One other person suggested a heart with a paw print. So I ran with it and this is what they chose.

Tippy came into Secondhand Hounds Rescue after he was beaten with a baseball bat by his former owner. His former owner is now starting the criminal trial phase for his actions.

We have selected these shirts as a way for everyone to support Justice For Tippy. The shirts need to be very plain as we are wearing them in the court room for each and every one of the required court appearances. Please purchase a shirt to support Justice for Tippy!

You don't need to be going to court with them to help support. You just need to buy a t-shirt.

All proceeds are forwarded to Secondhand Hounds to help the next animal in need.

Justice for Tippy T (PRE-ORDER)

Printed on American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey Cotton T-shirt.

Thursday, February 28

Meet Toby

Meet Toby!  He's Secondhand Hounds' newest feature foster.
He's looking for his forever home.

Please feel free to download (right click and save as), set it as your Facebook Cover Photo and/or Share.
Available for Adoption through Secondhand Hounds.

© Maker of Rad Design + Illustration

Photos by Stephanie Erickson Photography and his Foster Family.

Saturday, February 23

Other Valentines

I had a special request from a friend to make her Yorkie Valentines. 
This is what I came up with. 
She loved them so much we're turning them into posters. 

Do you have a special furry friend or breed that you would like to see?

Wednesday, February 13

Valentines for Secondhand Hounds

It's the day before Valentine's and you want something you can give out and support a great cause.  
No need to fret, I've got a solution for you.  You can get these Valentine's to print and give - AND Support Secondhand Hounds. 

Click Donate below
Enter How Much You Would like to Donate
Specify While Valentine* You would like in the Message. 

I'll email you a PDF or JPG of the Valentines you choose set to print on your home printer.
Or, take them to your local printer, Kinko's or what have you and have them printed. 
Once Printed, simply cut in to fourths. VoilĂ ! Valentines!

Corgi Valentine
Maker of Rad
Doxie Valentine

Woof You Be My Valentine?
Love At First Sight

Cold Nose - Wet Kisses - Warm Heart
Be My Furry Valentine?

I have had the opportunity to team up with Secondhand Hounds for a few different projects from Posters to Fliers to Featured Fosters.

Most recently, I designed a collection of Valentines for them to hand out at various events around Valentine's Day.

The first event is on Wednesday, Feb 13th at Whole Foods Market.  5% of your total groceries will go toward Secondhand Hounds. Whole Foods is open 8 AM to 10 PM.  Secondhand Hound Volunteers and Dogs available for adoption will be on site from 11 AM to 7 PM.  Including a Puppy Kissing Booth.

 The second event is an adoption event on Sunday, Feb 17th at Bark & Bathe in Robbinsdale.  Go meet some great pups and cats and maybe find yourself a forever furry friend.  Otherwise, you can just celebrate Bark & Bathe's Grand Opening Week and meet some of the great people involved with Secondhand Hounds.

If you can't make it out the 5% day at Whole Foods in Minnetonka, please consider donating as well.


Maker of Rad

*If you would like your own animal featured in the Valentine, please email me a high resolution (300 dpi) photo that you would like to use. 

Valentines Printed are 4.25" x 5.5"

All Photos are property of the photographer specified.  Designs © Maker of Rad Design + Illustration 2013

Tuesday, January 15

Featured Foster: Ariel - January

© Maker of Rad Design + Illustration
Digital Flyer

© Maker of Rad Design + Illustration
Facebook Cover Photo

© Maker of Rad Design + Illustration
Small Share Photo

Ariel was rescued from the Euth list at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control.  Since she is a bully breed mix, she can't be adopted out the general public. Her owners dumped her at the shelter after she miscarried a litter. Gratefully, Secondhand Hounds stepped in and rescued this girl.  
She's a sweet lover that is looking for her forever home. 

If you are interested in Adopting Ariel, please visit Secondhand Hounds site
While you're there, check out all their furry friends and find out how you can help. 
Feel free to visit the Maker of Rad Facebook and download the flyers and cover photo. 

Photos of Ariel by Karin Newstrom Photography