Thursday, October 25


It's a cold rainy and slightly snowy day here in Minneapolis.
It's not unusual for this time of the year.  The leaves are falling and November is just around the corner.
Before we know it, we'll be in full blown winter mode.

On cold blustery days when I want to hide in a comforter on the couch with the dogs, it's always nice to click on a link on a friend's Facebook post and find something heart warming and delightful.
This very thing happened today.
And what was a lucky enough to find behind the link?  A circle of photographers writing letters to their daughters once a month on the 25th.  Letters that one day their daughters will see how much they're treasured.  Letters that share memories, hopes, dreams and insights into their precious little girls and some BEAUTIFUL photography.
Each one of these posts has tugged at my heart strings.  Not just cause I'm a sucker for these kinds of things, but it makes me think about what my mom was thinking as she was raising me.  The hopes, dreams, and love that she had for this little girl she called her daughter.
It also speaks to me on a different level.  The level of hope of one day being a mother myself.  That time hasn't come yet and most likely won't for a while.  More on that maybe one day!

Hopefully, you enjoy the letters.  Each letter contains a link to the next letter.
I started with a link to a local photographer here in Minneapolis called Olive Avenue.


Megan, Maker of Rad

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