Tuesday, July 17

Cruise for Canines

I have a serious passion for animals.  It's always been there.  When I was a little kid, I always wanted more 4 legged friends. I constantly asked my mom for another cat or when we could get a dog. I even "volunenteered" at the local Animal Human Society.  I would leave the animal shelter bawling my eyes out because I could take them home.

Now, I do want I can.  I know I can give them all forever homes.  So, I volunteer where and when I can to help them find a foster or forever homes.  If you're my friend on Facebook, you've seen my posts about animals in need of a rescue or home.  (My apologies to my FB friends for bombarding you with them.) I just think that every single one of them should have a forever home.

I've recently started doing some volunteer work with Secondhand Hounds.  They're a foster based rescue in Minneapolis that help all sorts of animals.

Recently, I teamed up with Elana, their Fundraising Director, to promote their 3rd Annual Silent Auction. 
You can purchase tickets for the event at the Secondhand Hounds site.
Go out, enjoy a good time, support a great organization and animals getting their forever homes.

Feel free to grab the badge below and help promote a great cause. (Please give credit where credit is due.)