Friday, February 17


It's no secret, I'm a HUGE animal lover. 

I used to convince my mom to take me down the street to the Humane Society.  I would beg and plead to take home at least one kitty and one dog.  I want to give all the animals a forever home.  Unfortunately, we couldn't take any of them home. I would leave the Animal Humane Society crying my eyes out and my mom reassuring me they would find homes. I just wanted to help and I couldn't. 
To this day, I wish I could help every single one. Big or small. Furry or furless.  Old or young.
Both of my dogs are rescues and I couldn't imagine my life without them. 
They're what I look forward to at the end of a day.  I know that no matter what kind of day I've had, they'll always be SUPER excited to see me.  They've been there with me on my sunniest days and my darkest hours - Ready to give their love. 
I've been working on a print over the last while using a saying that makes/made me nearly burst into tears the few times I've come across it.
Not only turn it into a print, but something to go toward animals in need.  I might not have a ton of money or resources or time to donate but I do what I can. 
All proceeds from these prints will go to a rescue organization or an animal in need.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2012 Megan Rademacher

All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 2012 Megan Rademacher

Each print is 5" x 7" 
You can purchase the print here.
If you're interested in a large size print, please email me. 

Happy Friday!

Sunday, February 12


Spend a little time this weekend making some new patterns for backgrounds or what have you.
One with a little Valentine's theme thrown in.

Copyright 2012 Megan Rademacher

Copyright 2012 Megan Rademacher
Copyright 2012 Megan Rademacher

You're free you use these. 
If you grab theses, please give credit where credit is due.