Thursday, December 1

Danae and Dylan


I'm not going to lie.  It's a little weird to see your younger cousins falling in love and getting married.

Well, let me explain.
To start, there is at least a 4 year age difference between me and my cousins.  When we were all younger, most of us living in Minnesota or Wisconsin.  I'm talking when we were early double digits and below with my younger cousins.  Our family used to spend time together at the family cabin in the summer.  Then families moved and we didn't see each other as much.  Most of my memories of them are when they were still in the single digits.
So, you can see how associating marriage with elementary school age kids is a little tough.
Earlier this summer, Adam, 4 years younger, got married.   And now, Danae, 8 years younger, and her husband got married this past weekend.
I had the honor of designing and printing their wedding invite and RSVP.
From what I hear, they're a bit hit.  Thanks Danae and Dylan for letting me be apart of your special and wonderful day.  May you have a lifetime of love and happiness together.

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