Wednesday, November 16

Matt Fleming

Meet Matt Fleming.
Matt is an amazing artist. He's originally from the Midwest, now based out of San Francisco.
I had the pleasure of meeting Matt a while back when we were both in ARTCRANK SFO it's inaugural year.
I was completely WOWed by his work then, just as I am today.  Not to mention, he's a super nice guy.

His poster from this years ARTCRANK SFO this year caught the eye of many including ScoutMob. They, ScoutMob, recently featured Matt and his work. (which I find pretty darn cool.)

Miles, Miles, Miles copyright Matt Fleming

Check out his interview with ScoutMob about his ARTCRANK SFO 2011 poster and a few other things here.    You can also check out the rest of his work at

Keep up the amazing work, Matt!