Tuesday, September 27

Helping Baxter

Who is this handsome ham, you may ask?

This is Baxter!
He's a pretty amazing little guy. 
Baxter and his brother, Alvin, have been a big part of helping foster dogs get by until their forever homes. He belongs to fellow cyclists, animal lovers and rescuers Anitra and Bryan. Anitra has poured her heart into a local rescue group called Secondhand Hounds.

You may ask, "Why is Baxter being featured?" 

Baxter was recently diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4 and a half.  

His original prognosis wasn't good - just a month if his loving family didn't start treatment.  Cancer treatment isn't cheap!  Something in life are just worth it, like our furry children.  He's currently being treated at the University of Minnesota Vet. Medical Center. 

 To help out - I'm donating the proceeds from my ARTCRANK 2011 MSP poster "Along for the Ride" to Baxter's treatment and recovery.
If all of the remaining posters sell, it's around $800 to help Baxter. 

Copyright Megan Rademacher

You can purchase the poster HERE.
Please, help a lil pup in his fight.

For more on Baxter or contribute in other ways to his fight, check out CorgiPals or his Facebook page.