Thursday, July 28

Chasing the Elephant

I come across people here and there that inspire me to be a better artist.
One of which is Jeremy Fish. 
This guys is pretty amazing. The more stuff I have found about him and his work the more I'm impressed.

He was recently featured in the Absolut Blank ad/art campaign with one of my hometown favorites, Aesthetic Appartatus. The Absolut bottle he created is to say the least detailed and amazing.
All of his work has extreme attention to detail.  Some might say he has a small obsession with skulls but the way he works them into his art are down right cool.
Who would think two fish and a squid would make a skull.
His art speaks.
His installations are compelling.  They aren't just his art that you go and stare at and say, "oh that's neat!"
They tell stories. Ghost of The Barbary Coast is one of my favorites of his installations. The show took place in 2008 in San Francisco.  It's based around the history of the neighborhoods, bars, people, etc.  One of my favorite piece from that show is the Phoenix. If you don't know much about San Fran, it burned down after a huge earthquake in 1906.  That and the bear. In the interview below, he tells more of the story.

Maybe this is one of my favorites cause I lived not too far from that city with the Golden Gate.
Or maybe it's cause what he has to say in the interview is true.
People run to California with the spirit of adventure and big dreams.  Heck, I did!  I still have those big dreams.  They're just being lived out in Minneapolis instead.  I still threaten Thomas all the time that I'm going to move back to Tahoe.  Although the likely hood of that happening soon, not gunna happen.
Maybe one day, a girls gotta dream.

I can't forget to mention the installation he just finished, Listen and Learn.
You can check out an overview of the gallery/show at Joshua Liner Gallery.

And, after taking a quick look at one of his blog posts, I discovered he did the print for a Upper Playground / Chrome bag that I only wish I owned.  (The one with the owls!)

I'm off to chase the Elephant. 
Don't get what I mean?  WATCH THE VIDEO!

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