Saturday, December 24


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house no one three were stirring.
Making some candy mustaches, while I finish wrapping gifts from "SANTA" and for the family Christmas tomorrow.

I've got lots to do and the time is tickin' away!

So with that said, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 13

Yeti in the Woods Print

Yeti in the Woods
10" x 10"
Letterpress Print
Limited edition of 10

Thursday, December 1

Danae and Dylan


I'm not going to lie.  It's a little weird to see your younger cousins falling in love and getting married.

Well, let me explain.
To start, there is at least a 4 year age difference between me and my cousins.  When we were all younger, most of us living in Minnesota or Wisconsin.  I'm talking when we were early double digits and below with my younger cousins.  Our family used to spend time together at the family cabin in the summer.  Then families moved and we didn't see each other as much.  Most of my memories of them are when they were still in the single digits.
So, you can see how associating marriage with elementary school age kids is a little tough.
Earlier this summer, Adam, 4 years younger, got married.   And now, Danae, 8 years younger, and her husband got married this past weekend.
I had the honor of designing and printing their wedding invite and RSVP.
From what I hear, they're a bit hit.  Thanks Danae and Dylan for letting me be apart of your special and wonderful day.  May you have a lifetime of love and happiness together.

Wednesday, November 16

Matt Fleming

Meet Matt Fleming.
Matt is an amazing artist. He's originally from the Midwest, now based out of San Francisco.
I had the pleasure of meeting Matt a while back when we were both in ARTCRANK SFO it's inaugural year.
I was completely WOWed by his work then, just as I am today.  Not to mention, he's a super nice guy.

His poster from this years ARTCRANK SFO this year caught the eye of many including ScoutMob. They, ScoutMob, recently featured Matt and his work. (which I find pretty darn cool.)

Miles, Miles, Miles copyright Matt Fleming

Check out his interview with ScoutMob about his ARTCRANK SFO 2011 poster and a few other things here.    You can also check out the rest of his work at

Keep up the amazing work, Matt!

Tuesday, September 27

Helping Baxter

Who is this handsome ham, you may ask?

This is Baxter!
He's a pretty amazing little guy. 
Baxter and his brother, Alvin, have been a big part of helping foster dogs get by until their forever homes. He belongs to fellow cyclists, animal lovers and rescuers Anitra and Bryan. Anitra has poured her heart into a local rescue group called Secondhand Hounds.

You may ask, "Why is Baxter being featured?" 

Baxter was recently diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4 and a half.  

His original prognosis wasn't good - just a month if his loving family didn't start treatment.  Cancer treatment isn't cheap!  Something in life are just worth it, like our furry children.  He's currently being treated at the University of Minnesota Vet. Medical Center. 

 To help out - I'm donating the proceeds from my ARTCRANK 2011 MSP poster "Along for the Ride" to Baxter's treatment and recovery.
If all of the remaining posters sell, it's around $800 to help Baxter. 

Copyright Megan Rademacher

You can purchase the poster HERE.
Please, help a lil pup in his fight.

For more on Baxter or contribute in other ways to his fight, check out CorgiPals or his Facebook page. 

Thursday, July 28

Chasing the Elephant

I come across people here and there that inspire me to be a better artist.
One of which is Jeremy Fish. 
This guys is pretty amazing. The more stuff I have found about him and his work the more I'm impressed.

He was recently featured in the Absolut Blank ad/art campaign with one of my hometown favorites, Aesthetic Appartatus. The Absolut bottle he created is to say the least detailed and amazing.
All of his work has extreme attention to detail.  Some might say he has a small obsession with skulls but the way he works them into his art are down right cool.
Who would think two fish and a squid would make a skull.
His art speaks.
His installations are compelling.  They aren't just his art that you go and stare at and say, "oh that's neat!"
They tell stories. Ghost of The Barbary Coast is one of my favorites of his installations. The show took place in 2008 in San Francisco.  It's based around the history of the neighborhoods, bars, people, etc.  One of my favorite piece from that show is the Phoenix. If you don't know much about San Fran, it burned down after a huge earthquake in 1906.  That and the bear. In the interview below, he tells more of the story.

Maybe this is one of my favorites cause I lived not too far from that city with the Golden Gate.
Or maybe it's cause what he has to say in the interview is true.
People run to California with the spirit of adventure and big dreams.  Heck, I did!  I still have those big dreams.  They're just being lived out in Minneapolis instead.  I still threaten Thomas all the time that I'm going to move back to Tahoe.  Although the likely hood of that happening soon, not gunna happen.
Maybe one day, a girls gotta dream.

I can't forget to mention the installation he just finished, Listen and Learn.
You can check out an overview of the gallery/show at Joshua Liner Gallery.

And, after taking a quick look at one of his blog posts, I discovered he did the print for a Upper Playground / Chrome bag that I only wish I owned.  (The one with the owls!)

I'm off to chase the Elephant. 
Don't get what I mean?  WATCH THE VIDEO!

Wednesday, July 27

Something I came across and I don't remember how otherwise I would mention it. 
I think its great when someone goes out of their way to show you how much they care.
While engagement proposals are usually of portrayed as these grand gestures, you rarely get to actually see the proposal happen.

Enter -

WOW! What a guy!
It takes you through their story and his hopes and dreams for their future in an illustrated form.
I have to say I definitely teared up.
At the end is a vimeo of her seeing the site, its a nail biter of watching her read through, laugh, and smile at the illustrations and story. 

Check it out. 
It'll warm your heart.

Friday, July 22


@MPLSMinx has put together something that is quite inspiring.  BDIPC

While you might be watching the TDF (Tour de France) for your reason, some of us ladies have our own.
You can just ask a few of my friends.
Yes, we are watching for the sprints, the climbs, and the carnage that has come with the TDF.
But as Ms. Minx notes, we have alterior motives.
She tells it like it is.  The things we ladies all think about but just giggle and blush when thinking.
I can tell you once thing Ms. Minx makes me laugh with her commentary.

Hats off to you Ms. Minx.  I look forward to my daily dose of BDIPC.

Monday, July 11

Wednesday, June 22

Some art for your walls?

Want to buy Just Riding Along or Along for the Ride?
Now you can!
I'm in the process of making it pretty so hold your horses.

Tuesday, June 14

30 days of Creativity

Ah it's day 14 and I haven't posted a single thing on my blog.
As a fellow designer, @welldunn, once said, "I draw everyday. Blogging on the other hand requires more work."

I'm in the process of working on many somethings. One specifically, I feel completely defeated by.
I hate having an amazing idea in my head that I seriously can't put down on paper.
It's BEYOND FRUSTRATING! My hands and brain just don't seem to communicate very well at the moment. 

On that note... Doodle on.

Wednesday, May 25

Hump Day Find

Beards and Mustaches for all! by Burlesque North America. 

Work in Progress

I'm currently working on updating my site with all the new and rad projects I've been working on.
Hold tight.  New stuff is coming.

Monday, April 11

Along for the Ride. 
Available thru ARTCRANK.  Currently at One on One in Minneapolis, MN.
13 x 20.
Neenah Welsh Blue
Screen Print with Walnut Brown and White

Tuesday, April 5

Sneak Peek of my poster at ARTCRANK MSP.  The opening night was AMAZING.
Thank you to everyone who came out in support.
The show continues at One on One bike shop in Mpls.  You can check out the work there for the next month, April 8 - May 6.  Then it's on to ArtAWhirl, May 20 - 22.

Saturday, March 26

P.S.  Post pictures of the process after ARTCRANK.  Don't want to ruin the surprise.
ARTCRANK is quickly approaching.  It's next week and I'm SUPER excited.  I had the chance to sneak a peak at some of the posters when I dropped mine off today.  They're NEATO!
So get off your couch!  Get on your bike (or in your car) and come down to ARTCRANK MSP.  April 2, 2011 @ Shelter Studios. 

It's going to be awesome.  
See you there. 

Thursday, March 10

Start here and watch the next two.
Amazing story of a journey and adventure started by finding a canister of film.

What an amazing story. Watch the previous two to see the whole story.

Tuesday, February 15

Just a little something I did on my lunch.  May not seem like much but it's full of tiny diamonds.

Thursday, January 20

Thursday, January 13


The official artist list for ArtCrank 2011 was announced this week.
Show is April 2 at Shelter Studios.