Thursday, June 17

Operation: Save Baby Bird.

This past week has been rather interesting.  A few ups and downs to say the least.  Among the highlights, I rescued a baby bird.
The side of our house is covered in ivy and a bit of an aviary.  Last Thursday, thunderstorms rolled through and must have shaken loose a bird's nest from the ivy.  One little bird held on through the fall and the rainy night.  
The long and short of the story, the little bird was taken to the Wildlife Rescue Center in Roseville. (Thanks Aunt Bev for driving me and the birdie!)
The rescue center wasn't sure if it would make it.  The birdie was really cold, most likely dehydrated and hungry.
I received an email from them today saying that the little guy is in the avian nursery with other little American Robins of the same age and doing well.
Warms my heart!

Keep being strong Lil' Robin.

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