Friday, April 9

We Are Social Circles

For the past few weeks well month and then some, I have been working on a project to apply for an internship.  They asked us to create a blog post on how we think in social circles.  The things we are involved in everyday, our friends, our families, and our jobs are just a few examples of social circles.  This is my submission for the internship.  It is a 9" x 30" Poster when pulled apart.  Click on the photos to see them full size.

Friday, April 2

Yummy Monkey!

During the birthday weekend, we ran off to Northeast to Psycho Suzi's for some delicious tiki beverages.  Every month they feature a different drink and it comes in a not-so-standard tiki or so it seems to their usual line up.  I've drank out of a Panda, a Fish's head, a Geisha just to name a few.  Now, I can add a monkey,  a "see-no" monkey to be exact.  And I adopted it!  It was my birthday, so it felt in order.  My monkey tiki mug now sits next to my pirate tiki mug.  I intend to continue my collection.

Inspired by my monkey tiki.