Friday, January 29

M is the hardest letter in the alphabet

Everyday, I stare at the letter "M."  I can't tell you how hard it is for me to create a "M" that I am excited about.  I think as a designer the hardest letterform you ever have to design is the first letter of your first name.  However, I can find "M"s that others write or create that I LOVE!  Such is the letterform I found on an envelope my boyfriend gave to me.  So I messed with it and made it something even more special.  Here it is.

I heart it!

Tuesday, January 26


Painting away!

You like it?  You want it?  email me: hello {at} meganrademacher {dot} com

Monday, January 25

Friday, January 22

Clouds on a Cloudy Day

Spent most of the day listening to music and painting away.  This is one of the outcomes.
I took the image with my phone, sorry for the quality.

Thursday, January 7

Hear See

I get inspired by things I see and music I hear, and this gives me a window to a world I can't see or hear.


on getting the internet

Kinda sad but very true!