Monday, December 20

Well, its been a while!

I am proud to announce that I'm the newest member of Twin Six.

Monday, November 8

Soft & Furry - Snowy - Lifter BaronSnowy Monster
I'm a big fan of all things that involve snow creatures like Yetis, Snow Monsters, and the such.

Found this AWESOMELY RAD Snow Monster while searching the interwebs.  LifterBaron is based out of San Fran.  He makes some pretty neat things but I have to say this is one of my favs!

Sunday, November 7

Thursday, September 23

Poster WHAT?!?!?!

Something REALLY exciting for me.
Poster Offensive is coming up at the end of October.
And why yes, I am in the show. I feel extremely honored to be in with some of Minneapolis' heaviest hitters: Burlesque North America, Aesthetic Apparatus, Lovely MPLS, Studio On Fire, just to name a few. And the rest of the list is equally impressive.

So come down and check it out. Who knows you might leave with some RAD art.

Poster Offensive 5
The Galley
Oct 29 - Nov 7
Opening Night : October 29th

Friday, September 10

Welcome to the World

and she is SO adorable!  My friends, Becca, Chris and big brother Cullan, welcomed Sylvia to the world in August.  And I had the pleasure of designing/illustrating their announcement. 
I'll posted more pictures of the actually announcement when they get back from the printers. 
So excited! 

Saturday, August 7

bear envy

Look what I found over at the lovely site of Jolby & Friends. 

Yoka Vinyl BearsYoka Vinyl BearsYoka Vinyl Bears

I have some serious bear envy!
Now I want to make a panda!

Sunday, July 18

I love pandas.  It's kind of a long story and starts in my childhood.  With that being said, I still find this HILARIOUS!

Tuesday, July 13

just 'cause it shows boys never grow up!  (and it's rad.)


I often peruse other blogs and sites.  I am not going to lie, I find other people's lives interesting and what they find interesting - interesting.  Isn't this why we all blog and look at each other's sites?  We find each other interesting or creative or what have you.

I rarely post things that I find fun or pictures I take, just mainly my designs.  I don't write much because I have a tendency to ramble and have run-on sentences.  And I feel I write in a very conversational tone.   

I guess where I am going with this is - I THINK YOU'RE INTERESTING!

Thursday, July 1

Well, Hello There, Cupcake!

 (click on the image to make it bigger)

Worked on this off and on yesterday.  Inspired by none other than delicious yummy cupcakes. 

If you like delicious cupcakes and are in the MPLS area check out Cake Eater Bakery.

Thursday, June 17

Operation: Save Baby Bird.

This past week has been rather interesting.  A few ups and downs to say the least.  Among the highlights, I rescued a baby bird.
The side of our house is covered in ivy and a bit of an aviary.  Last Thursday, thunderstorms rolled through and must have shaken loose a bird's nest from the ivy.  One little bird held on through the fall and the rainy night.  
The long and short of the story, the little bird was taken to the Wildlife Rescue Center in Roseville. (Thanks Aunt Bev for driving me and the birdie!)
The rescue center wasn't sure if it would make it.  The birdie was really cold, most likely dehydrated and hungry.
I received an email from them today saying that the little guy is in the avian nursery with other little American Robins of the same age and doing well.
Warms my heart!

Keep being strong Lil' Robin.

Friday, June 4

Birds of a Feather

Its started with a bird.

The bird turned into a banner.
 Then the bird turned into a pattern.


Splish Splash and Bouncin'

Yes, it was a month ago!  But, this is the invite that ended up going out for Caden's birthday party!
It was a blast! They rented a big bounce inflatable thing that big kids, like me, could bounce in too.  Even though it was rainy and cold, my nephew didn't come out of that thing for the entire party except to open presents and eat cake.  He still didn't want to do either one of those two things cause bouncing was WAY more important.
P.S. He LOVES cars.  

Friday, April 9

We Are Social Circles

For the past few weeks well month and then some, I have been working on a project to apply for an internship.  They asked us to create a blog post on how we think in social circles.  The things we are involved in everyday, our friends, our families, and our jobs are just a few examples of social circles.  This is my submission for the internship.  It is a 9" x 30" Poster when pulled apart.  Click on the photos to see them full size.

Friday, April 2

Yummy Monkey!

During the birthday weekend, we ran off to Northeast to Psycho Suzi's for some delicious tiki beverages.  Every month they feature a different drink and it comes in a not-so-standard tiki or so it seems to their usual line up.  I've drank out of a Panda, a Fish's head, a Geisha just to name a few.  Now, I can add a monkey,  a "see-no" monkey to be exact.  And I adopted it!  It was my birthday, so it felt in order.  My monkey tiki mug now sits next to my pirate tiki mug.  I intend to continue my collection.

Inspired by my monkey tiki.

Tuesday, March 30

One, Two, 27!

It's been one year since my first post.  Odd, I know.  But it seems like something to mention.
Not only that, but yesterday I turned a year older.  Year older and wiser...or something like that.  I have spent the past few days romping around Minneapolis with my birthday surprise.  And what that might be you ask?  My boyfriend and best friend collaborated to fly her in for a few days.  AWESOME!  A variety of shenanigans have ensued and I'm still alive.
On forward!  Another year and it's hard to believe how quickly it has flown by!  It only seems right that I continue where it started.  My nephew!  Well, his birthday announcement.  He's turning the big 2!  There couldn't be a cooler kid on the planet and he has a mullet!  So here is to One, Two and 27.  You can figure it out!

 A little about the actual announcement/invite -   That's my monster!  He was inspired by a shower curtain.  (There was this line that made me think of a monster.)  Most of the "2/two"s in the background are done by hand.  The main font is Duality. 

Friday, March 12

Rain, Rain, Rain and more Rain

For the past few days it has been raining.  So, this puddle jumping weather inspired none other than the umbrellas.  Who doesn't love a good umbrella?
I still have my umbrella from when I was little.  My mom saved it for me to have when I was older. Now, it is more of a decoration that anything.   

Thursday, March 11

Something to Write Home About

Originally, I started this blog to feature my current work.  A place where people could go to see what I do, what my style is, etc.  Now that I am developing my site,  I want to use my blog as a what is running through my head, what I am inspired by and so forth.  I have been finding that people journey's are way more interesting that just their work.  I like looking at all the pretty pictures but I often find myself completely engrossed in the story behind their work as well.  So hopefully, you will enjoy my journey and join me on my trip of my imagination, thoughts, doodles, work and what have you.

On my way,


Friday, February 19



Sometimes when you fall, the hardest part is healing.  Just sitting, relaxing and healing.  When Shelby broke her ankle shoveling, what better way than to make a card for all of us that work with her to sign and remind to sit, stay and heal. 

Feel better Shelby!  We miss you. 

Friday, January 29

M is the hardest letter in the alphabet

Everyday, I stare at the letter "M."  I can't tell you how hard it is for me to create a "M" that I am excited about.  I think as a designer the hardest letterform you ever have to design is the first letter of your first name.  However, I can find "M"s that others write or create that I LOVE!  Such is the letterform I found on an envelope my boyfriend gave to me.  So I messed with it and made it something even more special.  Here it is.

I heart it!

Tuesday, January 26


Painting away!

You like it?  You want it?  email me: hello {at} meganrademacher {dot} com

Monday, January 25

Friday, January 22

Clouds on a Cloudy Day

Spent most of the day listening to music and painting away.  This is one of the outcomes.
I took the image with my phone, sorry for the quality.

Thursday, January 7

Hear See

I get inspired by things I see and music I hear, and this gives me a window to a world I can't see or hear.


on getting the internet

Kinda sad but very true!