Friday, October 30

Back from SFO

The trip was a amazing.  The show was GREAT!  I am so stoked to have been apart of ARTCRANK SFO.  The Chrome Store was such a great venue to hold the show, and the people from Chrome were so great with everything.  Check out some photos from the show on the Chrome site or HERE. Part of the proceeds from the posters went to Bikes to Rwanda.  I could only figure out one of the other artist at the show, Matt Flemming of Black T-shirt.  He's rad!  So check out his stuff, its neat!  Also, brought home some of the posters from the show.  I'll be posting pictures soon.  Just putting out there a BIG THANK YOU to Charles Youel and his team for putting on ARTCRANK SFO.   

We got back from San Fran Monday at about 7 am.  Wow what a flight of interesting events and people.  The flight was over booked and people were NOT happy.  We almost got vouchers for $600 in flights and food and a hotel but unfortunately, no go.


While I was off and away, the illo friday topic was FAST so I was inspired to create something for my friend Antonia.  It's still in the works so no images yet of it.

Here's a halloween doodle that did.  Going to turn it into something else and maybe revamp it a bit but I like it!  (holy run on sentance!)

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