Thursday, January 5

Winter Wonder Exfoliating Lip Scrub

Found this great recipe for a lip scrub to smooth and exfoliate lips during the rough winter months or all year round. 
If you're like me, you might be constantly battling dry, flakly lips.  Yuck, I know!  
This stuff is like the fancy stuff you can buy at Sephora but quite a bit cheaper and you can make it as needed at home. 
Our local Co-op has most of the ingredients in the bulk aisle.  That way I can get as little or as much as I like. 
I like using Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar.
These can make great gifts too! Just grab a few of the 2 oz jars and package away! 
This stuff is YUMMY!

• 1 tsp honey
• 2 tsp olive, sunflower or sweet almond oil
• 3 tsp sugar
• 2 oz jar

Combine honey and oil in a small bowl. Add sugar and stir until you get a paste. Using your finger, apply scrub to lips, using a circular motion. Wipe scrub off with damp cloth (if you don't lick it off first 😉).

Recipe and Photo Credit: Lakewinds Food Co-op

Monday, August 1


Every now and again I get to team up with a non-profit to do something awesome. 

Starting in August, I teamed up with Fur Ever Home Rescue and Butters to raise money for something amazing they are doing. 

Fur Ever Home Rescue is currently in process of acquiring a property in Zimmerman, MN for their Healing Haven.  With the Healing Haven, they can accommodate a wide variety of animals in need from dogs that need time to decompress before they can be adopted to feral cats that need a barn to live.

Butter's momma contacted me to design a t-shirt with Butter's adorable face on it and his catch phrase of sorts, "Dis Nice."  
We took that and ran. Not only did we do t-shirts but hoodies for humans and dogs, kiddo shirts, and baby onesies. 

If you aren't familiar with Butter's or Fur Ever Home Rescue, here is more info about both.  

Butters is just a normal rescue dog with an abnormally large head changing the perception of 'pit bulls' one smile at a time. 

Fur Ever Home Rescue is a no-kill 501(c)(3) nonprofit based out of central MN. They specialize in urgent medical and behavior cases. Fur Ever Home Rescue has secured financing for a 78 acre property that houses a refinished log home and two out-buildings. They are starting an outreach program to take in urgent animals that are listed as 'not adoptable' or 'rescue only' at shelters due to them being scared, shut-down or because of a medical condition and will house them in a home environment to give them a chance to let their true personalities shine. Once they are decompressed or have had their medical issues addressed they will work with rescue organizations to transfer them into their care & find them their forever homes.


Update Sept 2016: We're launching a second pre-order. If you missed out the first time, go get your's now!

Update 2 Oct 2016: There a limited quantity of shirts, tanks and hoodies available.  Check it out.

Wednesday, April 6

Watercolor Starry Night Day-Of Wedding Paperie

I've had the pleasure of working with Teresa at L'Etoile Events over the last couple month to create some custom paperie for them.
Here is a sneak peek at the Day-Of Menu, Table Card and Hor D'Oeuvres cards.
I'm thrilled to be working with Teresa and helping turn her vision for her couples into a reality.

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Wednesday, August 12

HeArt Speak Infographic

I've been working with the amazing people over at HeARTs Speak on a few different things over the last few months. 
One of which is a infographic illustrating the number of pets entering shelters, euthanized and how the HeARTs Speak Volunteers are helping those animals in need. 

HeARTs Speak connects shelters and rescues with photographers, illustrators and designers from all over the world willing to donate their services such as myself.  Studies have been done that show animals with good photos are more likely to be adopted.  And why not make the animal rescue world a better place with some good design as well.  

If you're a photographer, artist, etc, I encourage you to take a look and volunteer with your local animal shelter or rescue.  You never know the impact you could have by donating your time.  

Saturday, March 21


For the last while, I've had the honor of working with Kirsten over at KME Photography to do some rebranding.
She's been amazing partner to work with.   Not only did she beautifully capture our wedding and engagement session, she did a special shoot for our sponsor pups.  (I'll get into that in another post.)

Over the last year plus, we had a running conversation going about what she wanted to see and how she wanted to her logo and other branding items to develop.

She debuted her new logo in January.
I'll be posting her full branding board and the other fun items we did for her new branding soon!